Nys Ogs Contract Pm20800

NY State`s Office of General Services (OGS) recently awarded contract PM20800 to a group of companies who will provide a range of services and solutions to state agencies. The contract will run for five years and has a value of $1.5 billion. The companies that make up the group have expertise in areas such as IT, consulting, and staffing.

The goal of contract PM20800 is to provide state agencies with a streamlined and cost-effective way to obtain the goods and services they need. Rather than each agency having to seek out vendors individually, the contract allows them to access a pre-approved pool of vendors who have already been vetted for quality and pricing.

One of the key advantages of contract PM20800 is that it saves time and resources for both the state agencies and the vendors. The vendors have already gone through a competitive bidding process to be selected for the contract, so they can focus on providing the services rather than on the procurement process. Meanwhile, the state agencies can be confident that they are getting access to high-quality vendors at competitive prices.

The services and solutions covered under contract PM20800 are broad and varied. They include IT consulting, custom application development, data center services, cloud services, telecommunications, project management, staffing services, and many others. The range of offerings reflects the fact that state agencies have diverse needs, and the contract aims to provide solutions for as many of those needs as possible.

One important aspect of contract PM20800 is that it is designed to be flexible. While there is a pre-approved pool of vendors, state agencies can still negotiate with those vendors to customize the solutions to their specific needs. This means that agencies can get the best of both worlds: the convenience and cost savings of a pre-approved contract, combined with the flexibility to tailor solutions to their unique requirements.

Overall, contract PM20800 is an important development for NY State agencies. It provides a streamlined and cost-effective way to obtain the goods and services they need, while also offering flexibility to customize those solutions to their specific requirements. As the contract runs through 2024, it will be interesting to see how it evolves and how it benefits NY State agencies over time.